Top 5 Best Driver Updater Software For Windows


A driver updater for Windows plays a crucial role in keeping all the device drivers updated to the latest versions that are installed on your PC. Regular updates enhance system performance and make it capable of fixing bugs and trouble areas. 

A new age computer system, including Windows 10 comes with an in-built updater software, but still, few drivers can become outdated. This is where a driver updater comes in picture. 

Prominent signs of corrupted and outdated drivers are, incompatibility with external devices like printer, distorted functioning of audio and video files. In similar scenarios, it is always advised to keep them updated with the best Windows Driver updater

However, searching for the best in the slot can be a tricky affair, so to save you from all the hard work. Here we have handpicked some of the best driver updaters for Windows in 2019

Let’s have a look at them. 

Top 5 Best Driver Updater Software For Windows:

1. ITL Driver Updater


Whenever you are looking for the best driver updater software for your Windows device, ITL Driver Updater is the first option that clicks anybody’s mind. 

This stunning tool comes with a user-friendly interface which supports seamless performance. It performs a system scan to detect all corrupt and outdated drivers and updates them to the latest version. 

It will automatically detect and update all drivers, that means no manual intervention required. 

What makes ITL Driver Updater the right choice? 

  • Easy setup process: It is effortless to set up this power-packed tool. You need not be a professional to do it. With labeled button anyone can install it easily. 
  • Keep drivers up-to-date: Corrupt and outdated drives can hamper the overall performance of your system. Ensure that all drivers are updated from time to time and are running on their latest versions with ITL updater.
  • Peak performance: Latest and updated drivers enhance system performance and makes your system more stable.
  • Saves time: Manually looking for software updates and latest drivers can eat away a massive chunk of your precious time. Install ITL driver updater and let your drivers update automatically. 
  • Single Tap update: No need to follow a long process for updating your drivers, 

ITL Driver Updater is the perfect way to boost your PC speed and performance. Update all outdated system drivers without hassle.

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  1. Driver Easy


Whether you are a professional or novice user, Driver easy offers an ideal solution for anybody struggling with outdated drivers. It can easily manage your device by performing a system scan, detecting and automatically updating all corrupt drivers. 

It updates outdated versions, repairs corrupt versions, and takes a backup to avoid any potential losses. This highly productive software comes with several unmatched features, including: 

  • Light in weight and easy to use.
  • Boost your PC performance and speed.
  • It uses only authorized and certified drivers.
  • It comes with a single-click system optimization feature. 
  • Silently downloads drivers and fixes all trouble areas within seconds.

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  1. Avast Driver Updater


Avast Driver Updater scans your PC to detect outdated, broken, and missing drivers. This small-sized tool operates effortlessly, click on the Start Scan button, and your work will be completed within seconds. 

Key Functions:

  • It checks your system for all corrupted and erroneous drivers. 
  • Updated all outdated drivers automatically and does not require any manual intervention.
  • It creates multiple restore points while taking a system backup to avoid any significant losses.

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  1. Driver Reviver 


Loaded with robust functionalities and features, Driver Reviver is suitable for both commercial and personal use.

If you are struggling with slow PC performance because of outdated drivers, then Driver Reviver is the best option for yours. 

It not only fixes troubled drivers but also eliminates the risk of installing infected and faulty ones. 

This user-friendly tool works relatively well to ensure robust performance and loaded with many features, including: 

  • Quickly detects and fixes faulty drivers.
  • It enhances system performance.
  • Lists down all outdated drivers and repairs them.
  • It works reasonably well on all versions of Windows
  • Comes with adequately labeled buttons that allow easy navigation.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

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  1. WinZip Driver Updater


Another known name in the category of Best driver updaters for Windows is WinZip. This stunning tool updated all troubled drivers to ensure smooth working of your PC. 

It runs a system scan to identify obsolete drivers which can make your system slow and sluggish. 

Key functions: 

  • Installs only legitimate and authorized drivers. 
  • Exceptionally easy to use. 
  • Powerful scanning system.
  • It also creates multiple backups to facilitate natural restoration and avoid any losses. 
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Final Words

All the driver updater software mentioned above comes with a massive list of advanced features and benefits.  

Pick one today form the list of best and free driver updaters and enjoy a tension-free system performance. 

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